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The club

The Hotel Club of Beauvaisis is the group of hotels located in Beauvais and in the Beauvais area.

Non-profit association The foundation of the club is to come together and reflect together on the improvements that can be made to the Grand Beauvais hotel offering and, more generally, to responses to tourism that continues to grow as the Paris-Beauvais-Tillé airport develops.

Tourists stop, visit and sleep more and more in Beauvais. The reasons for their arrival are various, work, travel, studies ... .but their experience must be irreproachable to improve the reputation and the image of Beauvais.

That's why we hoteliers, let's work together to prepare the tourism of tomorrow.

Reasons to join

We are here to help you every day!

The union is strength

The Hotel Club of Beauvaisis is the only hotel group in Beauvais and its surroundings.

Privileged links with the institutions

Speaking with one voice facilitates exchanges and requests from the city of Beauvais, the Oise County Council, the Tourist Office and all the other institutions with whom we need to speak to advance the tourist offer.

Increased visibility

We set up several communication tools including this website, print media, communication tools for trade shows and signage to show its membership in the club. Thus the reputation of the association and therefore of its members will be improved.

Be part of a network

To regroup, to exchange, to reflect, to debate are the very principles of an association. But being a member of an association is also creating a network and being able to recommend and be recommended, exchange tips, help each other …

To be able to defend your interests

For any claim, any need for advice or support … to be part of the hotel association of Beauvaisis is to improve its chances of being heard and helped.


Beyond the work done, we also gather to spend pleasant moments, share our experiences and move together in the same direction.

Our commitment charter

Club members share and respect a common ethic for travelers to Beauvais. To choose a member of the network is to make sure:


Before being our customers, you are our guests.

A quality

Whatever your budget, you have the right and we have the duty to ensure you
spend a pleasant stay.


This is the first criterion in the appreciation of a hotel and we have only one chance to make a good impression.

and offers

Maintain close ties with the city and the tourist office to offer you pleasant moments in the Beauvaisis.

A support

One of the members of the network is full? He takes care of finding you a room at a colleague's house.


Acting together to find synergies and improve the hotel offer of Beauvaisis.